Imaging Modes

The PEEM imaging modes can vary depending on the illumination source, the imaging kinetic energy (when an analyzer is available) and the imaged plane (image, diffraction or energy-dispersive plane).

Work function contrast can be observed when using a low photon energy source such as a mercury short-arc lamp with photon energies of ≈ 5 eV.

With a tunable photon energy source, XAM measurements can be performed. A relevant case is the use of circularly polarized x-rays to obtain the magnetic contrast or XMCD-PEEM.

XPEEM images can be obtained by using the imaging energy analyzer on our PEEM III or SPELEEM to resolve the chemical composition at a high lateral resolution.

Furthermore, the projection of the PED pattern on the detector allows direct band mapping by the direct imaging of the full k||-space at once.

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Magnetic contrast

120 nm thick MnAs film on GaAs(100). FoV 20 Ám. (Courtesy of R. Belkhou)