Our LEEM product range encompasses the needs for researchers looking for an extra laboratory characterization tool to add up to an existing system, up to a flexible and upgradable main investigation instrument.

LEEMIVThe most compact LEEM, the LEEM IV, is a “flange-on” instrument that can be installed in pre-existing chambers on an appropriate CF 200 flange using manipulator cartridges of any type. The client can therefore use his own He-cooled manipulator or cartridges used in other scanning probe instruments. Although the LEEM IV is compact and easy to use, it delivers an excellent resolution better than 20 nm.


Users interested in XPEEM with high imaging and electron kinetic energy resolution will find in the SPELEEM their ideal instrument. The imaging energy analyzer delivers the highest kinetic energy resolution of ~115 meV and a spatial resolution better than 10 nm. For more demanding resolution, please visit our Aberration Corrected LEEM page. Furthermore imaging of the dispersive plane allows for direct dynamic investigations of changes in a spectrum within 15 eV in real time, e.g. during thin-film growth or a phase transition.

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