A PEEM can be as simple as a straight microscope column accelerating the electrons in front of a sample and projecting a magnified image on the detector. However, it can also be extremely powerful by resolving the kinetic energy of the emitted electrons (XPEEM). The Elmitec PEEM instruments are made to be extremely easy to use and deliver the highest resolution possible. For the most demanding experiments where information from both occupied and unoccupied states has to be obtained, the Elmitec PEEM III with analyzer can perform both X-ray absorption and XPS or XPEEM with a high lateral resolution. Such instruments are ideal for a synchrotron, but laboratory X-ray sources can also be used. For less demanding experiments, Elmitec offers a flange-on mini-PEEM: the Elmitec PEEMSpector. It is an amazingly easy to use instrument that takes up little space, but nevertheless delivers a lateral resolution better than 30 nm.

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